Press Release

24th, October 2013

Ghazipur Inaugration by Atirikt Urja Mantri Mr. Vijay Mishra. - View

1st November 2013

Fatehpur Inaugration by DM Abhay & S.P. Shivasagar - View

13th Decmber 2013

Gorakhpur Inaugration by Legislative Assembly Chairperson Mr. Ganesh Shanker Pandey - View

07th MARCH 2014

Basti inauguration by Chairperson of Municiple Corporation Mr. Ashok Gupta. View

18th May 2014

Lucknow Inauguration by Mrs. Nupur Thakur Wife of Senior IPS Officer Mr.Amitabh Thakur.

11th OCTOBER 2014

Bhopal Inauguration by Deputy General Manager in Union Bank of India, Mr. Brajeshwar Sharma. View